MENTIRAS also known as Roberto Angel-Dwyer is a classically trained musician whose passion for music encapsulates everything from instrumentation to production to sound engineering to beat making.

Having played guitar since the age of three, Roberto has always been drawn to the underlying complexities of string instruments and technology, and he excels at both: having been awarded multiple scholarships for his extensive musical education, he is deeply grounded in both the personal and professional aspects of the industry. As he enhances his skills as an engineer, his current projects include a diverse range including classical film scores, an electronic album and a progressive metal album.
Well-versed in technological problem solving and signal flow of sound gear, Roberto reaches into the vast realms of engineering, production and label management, bringing knowledge and diversity to all he does. With an entrepreneurial mind, he sees beyond the boundaries of visual and audio art, as each sheds new light on each other in order to enhance understanding.